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Hive Technologies Development Services

Hive Technologies Inc. can provide experts to fill knowledge deficits existing within companies. We can provide highly adept designers, programmers,  usability analysts, system architects, and multimedia developers who can not only assist companies in completing projects, but also advise and train existing staff in best practices and methodologies.

Programming / Scripting

Hive Technologies Inc. has access to programmers with broad arrays of knowledge, and can provide programming services for web and windows using languages including: C#, Visual Basic, VBA, VB.Net, HTML, DHTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, ASP (VB Script), VBA, Macromedia Flash Scripting and SQL.
System Analysis and Architectural.

Hive Technologies Inc. can also provide Analysis, Design, and Architectural services including:

  • The design of web application n-tier architectures within a .Net framework
  • The design of client-side to server-side applications utilizing web services
  • The development of synchronization processes of asynchronous data sources
  • Object oriented application design and programming (OOD,OOP)
  • Database Design - Normalization and design of Entity Relationship Diagrams (ERD)
  • Development of principles to govern and standardize the creation of multi-tier applications
  • Iterative Process / Rapid Application Development / Prototyping
  • Simultaneous Analysis and Build (SAAB)

System / Application Architecture

Hive Technologies Inc. can provide system architecture development services for any sized application. Not only do we develop system architectures for both online and desktop applications, we can provide consultations services advising on methodologies as well as provide training of programming staff on the correct utilization of the designed system infrastructure.

Lexicon N-Tier Architecture

Lexicon N-Tier is an ongoing effort by Hive Technologies Inc. to develop an architectural methodology to standardize application development within the .NET Framework. This methodology was originally based on best practices produced by Java and Pearl developers and has evolved over the last 10 years.
Lexicon consists of a series of principles, base classes, and code generation tools. At the core of the methodology are a series of principals :

  • Governing Object Oriented Database Schema Design (OODSD)
  • Governing the creation and utilization of the Data Access Classes (DAL)
  • Governing the creation and utilization of the Business Logic Classes (BLL)
  • Governing the creation and utilization of the Business Logic Data Object Classes (BLDO)
  • Governing the creation and utilization of the Presentation Layer Classes (PL)
  • Standardizing coding practices
  • Standardizing code structures
  • Standardizing forms of exception handling (error handling)
  • Standardizing rules of inheritance
  • Standardizing rules of connection pooling
  • Standardizing rules governing file directory infrastructure creation

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